Criminal Appeals

Felony and Misdemeanor Appeals

Every criminal defendant has the right to appeal his conviction, even if the conviction came after a guilty plea. By challenging the final verdict of a trial with an appeal, an experienced criminal defense lawyer like Mrs. Trombley can assess whether errors were made in your trial which could possibly lead to the conviction being dismissed or reduced. Mrs. Trombley will provide honest and precise answers to questions you have regarding the details of your case, and will consult with you to determine if there is a strong case for filing an appeal.

This is an often complex process that does not always guarantee a lesser or dismissed sentence, but with a knowledgeable attorney on your side you will have a fighting chance. By leveraging Mrs.Trombley’s experience and dedication as a criminal appeals lawyer, you’ll have the sound backing and strategy you need to move your appeal forward.

Personal Restraint Petitions

Filing a personal restraint petition is a complicated process that requires a solid strategy and extensive time and preparation. A personal restraint petition is filed when the petitioner has limited freedom, is confined, or faces imminent incarceration because of a court decision in a civil or criminal proceedings.

Mrs. Trombley will review and analyze the entire record of the trial, as well as all attorney or counsel files, and conduct additional investigations if necessary. The petition also requires an intelligently written brief citing and explaining the laws that grant you relief. Personal restraint petitions may be filed within one year of conviction in appellate court. Mrs. Trombley will work with you closely to design a smart strategy in your defense and counsel you on your options every step of the way.

Withdrawals of Plea

There are some instances where you may wish to withdraw the plea. It’s not uncommon for the accused to regret pleading guilty to an accusation or a crime. You’re probably wondering if you can overturn your decision or withdraw your plea and further investigate the possibilities of your case. As with anything requiring the petition or appeal of the law, this process is long and complex and requires the particular expertise of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer with experience in appeals, petitions, and withdrawals of pleas. If you pleaded guilty to a plea and want to withdraw your plea, consult an experienced attorney today. This will ensure your plea withdrawal is handled carefully, meticulously, and in accordance to the law. Ms. Trombley knows all the appropriate procedures and will know whether it’s best to bring the motion to trial or seek an appeal or review by an appellate court.