Property Crimes

Theft/Fraud, Malicious Mischief (graffiti and vandalism)

If you have been arrested or accused of willfully destructing property, whether through means of graffiti, vandalism, or other form of destruction, you will be facing charges of malicious mischief. In addition to potential jail time and fines, a conviction for a Washington state theft or shoplifting crime will have serious long term consequences. If you have been accused of this, call Trombley Law, an experienced Tri-Cities criminal lawyer experienced in defending clients in malicious mischief cases.

The punishment and ultimate conviction of these crimes are based on the cost of the damage. If you broke an expensive and irreplaceable item you face much harsher penalties than drawing graffiti on a wall. An experienced Tri-Cities, WA lawyer can argue for a lesser offense or can get the charges dropped altogether.

Theft, Shoplifting, and Fraud Defense in the State of Washington

If you’ve been charged with theft, shoplifting, or fraud in the state of Washington, you may feel desperate and hopeless. Theft and shoplifting cases are considered crimes of dishonesty, which will make it very difficult for you find employment and other long-term consequence. Mrs. Trombley’s compassionate approach to client representation and skilled defense will restore your hope that you will make it through this difficult period.

Ms. Trombley wants to help along the way and give you the best fighting chance and the most favorable outcome in your Washington state theft and shoplifting charge. Call Mrs.Trombley today and get the peace of mind you need.