Juvenile Representation

There are a number of unique alternatives and option that are available only to juveniles.

An attorney experienced in juvenile representation can advise you about these options and help you navigate the juvenile court system.

As a parent, this is probably the hardest thing you’ve had to go though. You want what is best for your child and want him/her to have a future that is bright and full of possibilities. This would be a difficult thing to go through for any parent, but first I hope you can realize  that there is a light at the end of a tunnel. Hiring a compassionate and caring criminal defense lawyer with experience representing children is critical to achieving the best outcome for your child. Juvenile criminal cases are unique in the way they are approached. The legal procedures that must be followed are also unique.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer who has experience representing youth involved in criminal cases ensures a more favorable outcome to the case. As a juvenile criminal defense lawyer I will ensure your child receives the care, treatment, and guidance consistent with her or her best interest in mind.

Mrs. Trombley can assist juvenile defendants in the following cases:

  • Felony and Misdemeanor Defense
  • Driving Offenses (Reckless Driving, Negligent Driving)
  • Drug Offenses (Marijuana, Paraphernalia, etc.)
  • Property Crimes – Theft/Fraud, Malicious Mischief (graffiti, vandalism)
  • Sex Offender Registration Removal
  • Sealing or Vacating Criminal Records
  • Firearms Restoration