Drug Offenses

Marijuana and Paraphernalia

Since the passing of Initiative 502, which legalized the production, delivery, distribution, sale and use of marijuana, there has a been a lot of questions and gray areas in marijuana defense.  The law restricts the sale and possession of small amounts of marijuana to people 21 and older.  Moreover, in the State of Washington you will be charged with a Marijuana DUI if your blood has 5 nanograms per milliliter of blood of active THC if you are over 21 within 2 hours of driving. This means you can still be charged with a DUI if you’re driving while under the influence of marijuana.

People charged with marijuana DUIs are stopped for similar reasons as people pulled over for alcohol DUIs. This level will be determined through a blood test usually performed at a hospital. You can suffer similar penalties and consequences, such as suspension of your driver’s license, as you can with an alcohol related DUI, as well as costly fines and jail time. If you’ve been charged with felony possession of marijuana over 40 grams then the fines become even more serious. Each drug and DUI case is different, but with the guidance and representation of an experienced DUI attorney it is possible to get a favorable outcome. Call Trombley Law PLLC today.